Pet Diagnostics

The clinic’s digital radiology unit and the clinic’s ultrasound unit are of the highest standards, capable of performing simple but also very specialized x-rays and ultrasound representations.Also our clinic provide laboratory blood testing

Digital radiology
The clinic’s radiology unit is of the highest standards, capable of performing the most simple and the most specialized x-rays. We also have a digital x-ray developing unit, which guarantees high quality x-rays and therefore provides the possibility to edit the image and create a registry in digital form

The clinic has an ultrasound unit for the examination of most of the internal organs, so that medical problems can be diagnosed, but also for diagnosing pregnancies

Laboratory Blood Testing
We have the full line of IDEXX  Vet Lab In-house Analyzers to provide you with accurate real-time service and much faster turn around results so we can start treating your loved one right away.