Pet Shop

Our Pet Shop provides you with tons of great dog and cat supplies to help your precious friends have better lives. We now cater for other small pets. 

We have everything from Beds, Blankets, Dog Pads, Clothing, Training Aids, Collars, Leads, Choke Chains, Muzzles, Retractable Leads, Harnesses, Feeding Bowls, Cages, Carriers, Airport Approved Boxes, Kennels, Natural Treats, Rawhide Bones, Natural Bones, Pig Ear Treats, Loose Biscuits, Cat Treats, Puppy Supplies, Grooming Supplies & Equipment, Nail Trimmers, Dog Brushes, Toys, collars and many more

Our food supplies include all the major brands, for all kinds of dogs and cats. 

We have special prescription diets for your pets. We can cure your pets with their food if they are very young or old, if we want to avoid giving them pills or injections .