Mesogi Avenue 124, Mesogi 8280, Paphos Cyprus
Tel. 26819942, Emergencies: 99371508

60B, Chalkanoros Street, 2540 Dali, Nicosia
Tel. 22522154, Emergencies: 96525646


In April 2010 we completed our purpose built cat hotel. It offers spacious indoor rooms in large well air-conditioned blocks. Each cat has its own individual run. Some also have real trees for the cat to climb. You may, if you wish, bring your cats' own bedding/toys, to make life seem more like home. 

Every morning our staff will clean and disinfect each cat area, changing the litter tray for fresh litter, and also give food and fresh water. At this time we try and encourage each animal to come out for light exercise or just some personal time with a member of staff. 

During the course of the day, our staff will spend time with each cat for cuddles and playtime, and check on the food and water.

You may inspect our kennels & cattery without appointment, on any day providing it is in normal working hours. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your requirements. The price guide for the Dog Hotel is displayed in the reception area, and are per dog, per day.