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Radiology Services (X-Rays)

Our onsite, full-body digital radiography equipment provides high-quality radiographs (x-rays) to aid in the quick diagnosis of many disorders. This new digital x-ray machine allows us to transfer the images directly to a computer program so we can view them instantly—a much more time-efficient method, especially when cases are critical. (Previous methods could take as long as 30 minutes for the image to be processed!) Our digital x-rays can also be transmitted immediately to board-certified specialists, if necessary.

Our digital x-ray machine is safer than traditional radiography equipment. Because we can see the images instantly, we can adjust the pet’s position right away. This means we don’t have to wait for multiple images to be processed to make a diagnosis or for confirmation of the pet’s condition. Plus, fewer images taken equals less radiation to both your pet and the staff member assisting in the process.

The previous methods for developing x-rays, still in use in many veterinary clinics today, are “dip tanks” and “automatic processors.” Although they do a great job for diagnostic purposes, they both require heavy chemicals and film. Ours doesn’t.