Mesogi Avenue 124, Mesogi 8280, Paphos Cyprus
Tel. 26819942, Emergencies: 99371508

60B, Chalkanoros Street, 2540 Dali, Nicosia
Tel. 22522154, Emergencies: 96525646

D & N Vet Clinic

Our examination room is located in the refurbished part of the practice, just down from the reception area. The room is equipped a with a table and scale, a refrigerator for medications and vaccines.

Other diagnostic tools such as otoscope (with camera connected to the TV set) , microscope and opthalmoscope are readily at hand in the room. We also now have an emergency room, where we can treat poisonings or snake bite victims, whilst still able to continue with daily treatments...

We pride ourselves on thorough physical exams for all of our pets, and strongly recommend each pet to receive one every year. We can quickly examine and diagnose your pet for many known diseases or symptoms.

Our surgery room is located further into the practice. The room is equipped a with a hydraulic surgery table and surgical lamp. All of our tools are kept in a steriliser to ensure they are ready for action.

We have many other surgery instruments, such as dentistry scaling and polish tools, electro surgery tools, suction machine and many other instruments which help us take care of your pets.